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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Forum
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Junior Member
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Hey all, looking to purchase a new trout rod for the Kenai.  Any recommendations on the best rod and weight to use for trout?  Fishing this summer with friends. Thanks
"Alaska Joe"

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Junior Member
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After much research for a new trout rod/reel/line outfit to primarily fish the Russian/Kenai rivers, I decided to go Orvis.  For all my fishing equipment, I don't go cheap or expensive dollar wise.  I stay "middle of the road."

Orvis Clearwater Rod - 9 ft. 6 wt.   $198.00
Orvis Access Mid-Arbor III Reel   $165.00
Orvis Access Trout Fly Line - 6 wt.  $59.00

Total Cost  $422.00

Orvis has an excellent warranty program for their fly fishing products.

Check out the Orvis website and read the reviews for the above products.

If you live in Alaska, give the Kenai Cache a call and speak with Colin.  They are an Orvis dealer.  He will put you on the right track to help you make your decision.

"Tight Lines"

Posts: 15
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Alaska Joe is spot on.  I have been an Orvis fan for a long time.  Super rods with great warranty programs and customer service.  I personally prefer the 7wt as my all around trout rod for the Kenai and I use a 4 wt for the smaller water like Quartz.  One of the best rods on the market for the money is the Orvis Clearwater and the castabilty and feel of these rods is Wow!

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Posts: 27
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This is a tough one to answer as we all have out "rod love"  I have fished with everything from Pflugers to Sages and everything in between.   I fish Sage now.  I have a VT2 7 wt and a VXP 6 wt.   I love them both.  Which one I use depends on water levels, speed, wind, if someone broke one.  [smile]    My wife is a TFO girl.  Loves them.  Uses a TFO Cancer Awareness rod     5 wt.   She is an Alaska girl and knows who to fish a light rod and not harm fish.   All my reels are Solitudes.  I would not trade them for the world.  I am hard on them,  Very hard.  They take every thing I have given and more and still keep rocking on
The tug, is the drug

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Junior Member
Posts: 17
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Hey hey, I use a 6wt Sage Z-Axis for most trout on the Kenai and tributaries.  In the Fall, I go to my 8wt One by Sage in anticipation of that "big" fish not to mention that they weigh twice as much in the Fall a they do in the Summer.  I prefer the larger rod as well to minimize the length of the fight so as not to mortally exhaust these precious fish.  As for reels.  Hatch all the way baby!

Posts: 21
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Sage for sure and Orvis after that.  I recently upgraded to a Method and could not be happier.  A 7wt is my go to rod at 10 feet in length.  Not to strong and not to weak for the Kenai River trout and with the faster action, more it[smile]

Junior Member
Posts: 5
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I am a TFO guy!

My main rods are the Professional Series II in a #6 and #8.  I use the #6 on the Upper Kenai/Russian/Quartz, and the #8 on the Middle Kenai (it is also my Red/Silver rod).  The medium/fast action is excellent to load while casting, and it can chuck an indicator/split shot a nice distance. I paired these up with reels from a smaller company called Allen Fly fishing.  My #6 gets the Allen Trout II reel, and the #8 gets the Allen Alpha III.  Both the reels, and rods have lifetime/no fault warranties with their companies, and will expedite the fix, or replacement in order to get you back on the water ASAP.

Allen Fly Fishing also gives you an automatic 20% off your first purchase which will drop your total greatly!

TFO Professional Series II = $159.99
Allen Trout II = $144.00
Allen Alpha III = $149.00

The total for two set-ups, are $612.98!

AKTroutGuy [thumb]

Junior Member
Posts: 3
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I have to say that the best rod for the money now is an Echo.  Warranty (lifetime no questions asked), Cost, quality of rod (castability, accuracy, stability, cork, seat, guides), comes with a rod tube, and they look good and are very strong.  When you are ready for the high end category.....SAGE rods are the very best.  The Methods are simply mind blowing and at the entry level, the Approach is just WOW!!!
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