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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Forum
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Another question...hearing different things on the type of salmon reel to purchase.  Does it really matter?  One guy tells me that you have to buy the high end reels for around here or your just throwing away your money?  Another guy tells me the cheap reels work just fine.  Thoughts?

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This I know a little about having gone through several salmon reels in the past.  There are several inexpensive fly reels that just will not hold up to day in day out abuse from salmon.  There are a hand full of good ones such as Okuma Integrity, Okuma SLV, Redington Surge that hold up really well and are sub-hundred reels.  The reels get the job done with no bells and whistles.  On the other hand, buying up has its advantages such as better quality material (t6061 aluminum) high end drags systems, heavy duty shafts, high end bearings, line capacity, aesthetics (they look sexy [smile] etc. Some of my favorites mid price reels are Ross Momentum, Lamson Guru, Lamson Konic (best buy for the money), Pfleuger Trion, Nautilus CCFs.  On the high end Hatch and Nautilus NV.  Just my two cents [wink]

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I fish Solitude Reels and love them.   Cheap is not always better.  Especially in the case of Reds.  I have seen many a new "cheap" reel have the drag explode on the first foul hook red it has ever seen.   Totally fry the cheap drag and then what.    Fighting a red is tough enough with a working reel.  Try one without a drag.    This really comes to play if your in the combat zone where the control of your wild child is very important.  
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Another great all around salmon reel is a Ross Momentum.  I have used this reel for over 8 years just about every day of the season and it's flawless.  Like Alaskachuck said above, cheap reels usually result in burned up drags.  Spending a bit more pays off quickly when salmon fishing around here.  [smile]
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