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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Forum
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Guide boats with clients are increasingly encroaching on the bank fishery at the ferry.  The Ferry is the MAIN bank fishing access point for Sockeye in Cooper Landing.  People pay good money to be able to fish this area by riding the ferry across or walking  in from the Russian River Camp Ground.  Either way, it has always been an unwritten rule that boaters steer clear of bank fishing areas.  Boats that anchor on the high bank take up as much as 50 to 100 feet of the approximate 1000ft of bank.  Yesterday saw the largest amount of boats to date at 7 drift boats.  Do your part today and call the USFW @ 907-262-7021 and voice your concerns and mention this to the manager at the ferry or contact him at 907-632-1435.

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Made the call to day.  I noticed that Alaska Wildland Adventures are the main violators of this rule.  Do not understand how this is the quality of experience and good stewards that the USFW expects for our visiting guest to Alaska.  Also saw boats from RWs fish Camp there the other day.  Pretty sure that Kyle guy from Wildland who is there Head Guide is one of the lecturers at the Kenai River Guide Academy.  Also told that they did this last year.  This guy is acting like he is above the law.  Not good...

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Spoke to the folks at the FW office yesterday.  Told that they will deal with this issue right away and disallow guides from anchoring and fishing from that bank from June through August.  Also stated that the problem services permits are under review what ever that means.  Just want our friends and families that we take out there every year to be able to fish this bank without tripping over boats and anchor lines.  These guys are shameless and give all guides a bad name.  Many of their clients are ashamed that they even fish here.  Over heard a lady complaining to one of the guides about encroaching on this bank fishery and he said it is our right as refuge permit holders and that they have priority access???  These guides are pathetic!!!

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Action supposedly already in motion to prevent this from getting any worse.  The concern is that they have seen this before and do not want a complete take over of this bank fishery by guide boats and private boats.  These guys are idiots.  Does it not occur to them that of the hundreds of boats that launch everyday that none stop there?  They get it as a bank fishing spot for people paying to ride the ferry which is also owned by USFW.  Furthermore, more and more guides are also walking in with clients now as well and over running the place.  These guides  are pathetic...this is the best they can do??  I can think of many other spots other than the Ferry for sure...just lazy and weak guides.  I would be pissed if my guide took me to such an area.

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AWA is insane and been doing this for a while.   I made the call as well and will be happy if they start cracking down on it.  I was sickened by the amount of guide boats in that area this weekend
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