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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Forum
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This is a great area to get Halibut from the beach as well as other areas of the beach in Seward.  Of course some times are better than others.  Pay attention to what's going on as far as food is concerned.  When the salmon show up in good numbers such as the Pinks, Kings etc you can bet the Halibut are around. During the die off of Kings, always during all phases of the Pinks as they eat them at all stages, and of course a salmon  shark is always possible.  Skates can be had and the wings are excellent table fare.  The set up is easy.  surf rod, 25# test line, dropper rig with a double hook set up and herring or allowed (per regulations) salmon parts as bait.  Toss it out, place in rod holder and enjoy the scenery.  Good luck
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