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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Forum
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Trout Fishing the Kenai River & Tributaries


The Kenai River , throughout the seasons, provides trout with a variety of feeding options such as Sculpins, Lamprey, Smolt, salmon eggs, trout eggs, fish carcasses, aquatic insects and small fury critters. We also have earth worms and caterpillars and other land based morsels for them to feast upon.

This season on the Kenai River, we had an absurd amount of small brown moths throughout South Central Alaska and as such became a significant part of the fly fisherman's arsenal that were in the know. Another insect was the Carpenter Ant which also made an overwhelming appearance this past season and needless to say, black ant patterns of the right size were the best option especially during the months of June and July.

Spring: So what's in the water in the spring? Well let's explore that thought for a bit. One thing we get lots of during the summers on the Kenai River are insects and lots of them. Most of these bugs come from the water where adults lay their eggs and the process begins.

During the spring months on the Kenai River (April & May) most of our river fish are keyed in on nymphs of varying sizes and shades. The predominant colors are black

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Worth the read...informative and good details
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