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Kenai Peninsula Fishing Forum
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Hey boys, just trying to get my arms around this vacuum sealing thing.  The market seems to be flooded with several products.  I have noticed over the years that the bag qualities vary from cracking easily once frozen to not sealing properly, to punctures.  Any experts out there?

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Mania, as with most industries, balancing cost with quality is a tricky business. Most vacuum seal bags are made from 3 types of plastic; nylon, polyester and saran. Inferior bags use significantly more polyester and saran to reduce cost and as a result are prone to cracking or losing their seal not long after freezing. Some processors also use thinner bags such as 2mm or 3mm bags which saves them money but making your investment less sound. The Kenai Cache Outfitters only uses 4mm commercial grade bags, made in America and are your best buy when deciding on which processor to entrust with your valued catch.
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